Shipping Container Sizes

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Our Shipping Containers are available in 3 lengths: 10ft, 20ft & 40ft

The following details outline both the internal and external dimensions of each type of shipping container. Please keep in mind that the internal container dimensions may vary slightly based on the factory origin and type of shipping container.

External Dimensions Internal Dimensions
Length Width Height Length Width Height
10ft 3m 2.44m 2.59m 2.90m 2.35m 2.39m
20ft 6m 2.44m 2.59m 5.90m 2.35m 2.39m
40ft 12m 2.44m 2.59m 11.90m 2.35m 2.39m

It can be tricky knowing what option will suit you and your shipping container needs best, so talk to us today about what size container will suit you best.