Christchurch shipping container care

All you need to know about how to care for your shipping container

Top Tips

For Shipping Container Care

1. Ensure all of your items are dry and moisture free before loading them into your shipping container – this reduces the risk of condensation and therefore the build-up of growth

2. Don’t pack your shipping container to the brim – leave some empty space for air to circulate and therefore stay drier.

3. Regularly oil and lubricate your shipping container door hinges and lock bars to keep them moving smoothly

5. Place your shipping container on a level surface where the doors can open easily with no obstructions

6. Doors need to securely be in place each time you close your shipping container to avoid damaging the lock bars

Placement of your Shipping Container

A flat surface is essential for the weight of your shipping container to be evenly distributed between all 4 corners. However, there are ways around this if the area you wish to place your container is uneven. Paving slabs under the corners is the next best option.

There are two major risks of placing your shipping container on an uneven surface

    1. Doors become tough or even impossible to open and/or close.
    2. Over time, the body of the shipping container can twist and deform.

Please ensure the area you are wanting your shipping container to be placed in is prepared before your delivery arrives and if you need any assistance in  this or are unsure if your area is suitable then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Access requirements to deliver/collect your shipping container

Ensure the area you want your shipping container to be delivered to is accessible by the delivery truck. There needs to be adequate room for manoevering the container into place. Please also let us know if there are any overhead obstructions such as power lines that might hinder the use of the crane.

Opening & closing your shipping container

To correctly open and close your shipping container, there is a step-by-step process you need to follow. If you do not, you may cause damage to the doors, seals and lock bars.

We will provide you with exact instructions along with a demo if need be as well.

Please also note that the doors of your shipping container are very heavy, so be cautious when opening the doors on windy days.

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