Christchurch Shipping Container Delivery

All you need to know about shipping container delivery and collection requirements.

Access Requirements for Shipping Container Delivery

When it comes to delivering your shipping container, it’s important to consider more than just the size of your container and the place you will put it in.

You also need to consider whether the delivery truck can easily access your location and safely offload the container without any issues. It’s crucial to ensure there are no obstacles that could hinder the delivery truck and to be mindful of overhead cables to ensure that the crane can lift the shipping container securely.

Rest assured that our shipping container delivery drivers are highly experienced and skilled at their job. However, if you have any concerns about the accessibility of your location or any potential challenges, we kindly request that you inform us during your initial inquiry. Your input will help us address any specific requirements and ensure a smooth delivery process.

Shipping Container Collection

If you are only needing your container temporarily, then we can collect it as well. All the requirements for delivery similarly apply to collection. Safe access is critical (including air space above the container for crane use) so if you have any concerns about accessibility then please contact us first and our knowledgeable team will help.

Shipping Container Placement

Go here to see all the necessary requirements for safely placing a shipping container.